At European Kitchen Center, we are a dedicated group of professional designers who can transform your home into a dream space. Our team combines an in-depth knowledge of home design with the latest innovations to create a unique look for your space. The home design projects range from individual apartments and houses to multi-unit condominiums.

Upon contact with one of our designers, we will set up an in-depth home assessment. Each kitchen is designed to uniquely suit the individual client. We take extra care to discover our customers needs, taste and lifestyle.

We offer our clients an array of design possibilities to meet their specific tastes and budgets. As a follow-up, clients will be presented with a detailed 3-D layout detailing a variety of possibilities for their unique kitchen and home design. Every cabinet and kitchen accessory work to ergonomically improve your space. Our innovative design concepts serves to unite the cooking and the living spaces.

The product line comes direct from Italy, a worldwide source of quality and innovation. Our cabinetry is made to be durable and eco-friendly. We take great effort to continuously be at the forefront of design innovations.

Discover how we can meet the needs of discerning home owners and take inspiration for your own home.

Total Home Design

This September, the trendy city of London will present another edition of the 100% Design. You are invited to join us from the 17th – 20th of September Earls Court London.

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