Nolte Neo Salon

Salon is not a purely spatial term. It is both a place – a large room or meeting place – and a cultural event. Nolte neo Salon reflects both aspects and reproduces them in great detail. The kitchen as the centre of opportunity.

More like a library than a kitchen: the open shelf element of modular panels blends harmoniously with the cabinet elements in Kansas oak with Pattern fronts with an additional glass module in between. Nolte neo Salon lets you design the transition from the kitchen to the dining and living area exactly as you wish!

The island modules in nolte neo Salon also feature the 900 mm high carcase ensuring a perfect combination of storage space, ergonomics and design. The fronts consist of genuine glass mirrors with a recessed handle trim in polished chrome to ensure a perfectly undisturbed look. The 12 mm thick genuine glass white worktop assures the high value of the materials. A basic complement of non-slip mats, cutlery organizers, plate holders and boxes is already included.

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